3 Beautiful Palettes that Will Add Depth to Your Design.

In the world of interior, there are more options of color, texture, print, or pattern than one could count. Some might even say it's overwhelming. However, for those that are in the world of interior design, it becomes less cumbersome and more exciting to choose from this variety of options. Incorporating a series of shades within the same palette, you can actually give more design depth to the aesthetic of your space.

But how can we have a monochromatic palette while still maintaining depth? The trick to this is to pay close attention to how you're adding the color. Textures, textiles, print, and patterns all help to add a different element to the space in question. Different tints and shades of a singular color also give the affect of dimensional space.

To provide some examples of how others have done this, we've chosen three of our favorite trending interior design colors of 2018. These color are: millennial pink, teal, and grey. We've chosen these colors because they are easy to work with, have year-round functionality, and well, we love them! The colors can be rich in color, heavy in texture, and carry a beautiful aesthetic throughout. But don't just let us tell you, let us show you. Here are some beautiful examples of depth through a monochromatic color scheme that you can easily recreate in your space.



Millennial Pink / Berries

Keeping things a little on the softer side, millennial pink mixed with berry tones makes for the perfect touch of elegance. The fluid nature of the color scheme will allow you to add a pop with berry, while still maintaining the muted aesthetic of the millennial pink.


Teal / Blues

Adding a splash of vibrance to your space, teal is for the daring designer who isn't afraid to make a statement through color. Mixing blue tones that fall within the same spectrum of teal adds a more subtle approach to the design. Steer away from high contrast colors, such as white and beige, to keep the palette cohesive.


Shades of Grey

Grey doesn't mean boring. If you use a variety of shades and tones, in addition to textures, you will be pleasantly surprised by the depth you can create in your space. Try mixing heather and charcoal greys with rich textile to create the ultimate monochromatic layout.

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