5 Shades of Blue that Will Brighten Up Your Home

Posted by Alex Black-Davis

5 Shades of Blue that Will Brighten Up Your Home

How often have you had an idea for a remodel or redecorating only to find that the most difficult part was choosing the right color? It’s happened to us on countless occasions. With so many colors to choose from, it’s really hard to narrow things down. Interior design is such a delicate process, the wrong swatch can throw off your entire idea for a revamp or remodel. That’s why the perfect color isn’t always the easiest decision to make, but is always worth the trouble.

Now you might be thinking, “what’s next?” Well, to be 100% honest with you, we have the same difficulty choosing from the huge selection of colors out there; but, we did have a chance to browse all the nooks and crannies for our favorites. Of what we saw, we were drawn specifically to one color. (We’ll give you a hint… It rhymes with hue).

That’s right. Of all the inspiring designs and swatches we looked at, our eyes were drawn to one color - blue. Why? Because blue is many things - it’s calming, elegant, and makes a statement all at the same time. It’s the color of the sky and the ocean. And, well, blue is just beautiful.

But when you’ve finally decided on the color, what’s the next logical step? Glad you asked. The next step would be choosing which shade best fits the style, look, and feel of your space. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, office, or decor, we looked at various articles, pins, and blogs to help us make the search a little easier for you. So without making you wait any longer (we know you're excited), here's our list of the 5 shades of blue that will spice up your space.



Moroccan Blue

Great for coastal settings, Moroccan Blue is an amazing way to liven up your space. We suggest taking your space to the next level with Moroccan blue walls to really add that splash of color you’re looking for.


Indigo Blue

Indigo, or as we like to call it, navy’s distant cousin, is a great hue to keep things balanced. Offset the deep undertones with splashes of white and light grey to keep things cool, elegant, and modern.


Teal Blue

Among the more vibrant shades of blue, teal is a great way to accent a room in small doses. Think to use pieces of furniture (like the couch shown on the left) if you’d really like to add a pop. If you’d like to use the color on a smaller scale, incorporate understated pieces, such as vases and pillows.


Denim Blue

A color you’ll love as much as your favorite pair of jeans, Indigo Blue is perfect for almost any space. Since it falls right in the middle of the blue spectrum, you can use it in small doses or paint your walls completely. Of all the options out there, Indigo was definitely in our top three.


Electric Blue

Bright and vibrant, Electric Blue lives up to its name. Similar to teal, we would suggest using this hue sparingly. It’s an edgier, more modern color but can truly elevate any space if used correctly. For the more daring interior design enthusiast, electric blue really does grab your attention in the best ways possible.

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