5 Shades of Blue that Will Brighten Up Your Home

Posted by Alex Black-Davis

5 Shades of Blue that Will Brighten Up Your Home

Choosing the right colors for remodels or redecorating can be the hardest part, but it’s worth the trouble to get the interior design scheme you love. Decorating with blue is a great choice since blue is calming and elegant while still beautiful and making a statement. 

With so many shades, blue interior design has essentially limitless possibilities, so how can you decide which hue to choose? The best way is to consider which shade of blue best fits the style, look, and feel of your space. Here are five standout shades to help you get started.


white couch with blue and white pillows against a blue wall


Moroccan Blue

Great for coastal settings or just adding a splash, Moroccan Blue is an amazing way to liven up your space. You can take your space to the next level by focalizing this unique shade, such as by painting your walls Moroccan Blue. 

indigo blue headboard with blue pillows in a room with a hanging pendant light


Indigo Blue

Decorating with blue is easy with the richness of indigo. It may seem like this shade is too dark to brighten your home, but it provides the perfect contrast to neutral shades, creating the balance that comes from a well-thought-out blue interior design. Offset the deep undertones with splashes of white and light grey to keep things cool, elegant, and modern.

lifestyle image with teal blue couch in a lounge with large glass patio doors


Teal Blue

Among the more vibrant shades of blue, teal is a great way to accent a room in small doses. Designing with teal can be as simple as incorporating understated accent pieces, such as vases and pillows, using the color on a smaller scale, or considering statement pieces of furniture in Teal Blue to really add a pop. The boldest choice would be incorporating teal as the focal point for a space in a monochromatic color scheme

denim blue room with accent armchair and a wooden floor


Denim Blue

A color you’ll love as much as your favorite pair of jeans, Denim Blue is perfect in almost any space. Since it falls right in the middle of the blue spectrum, this shade makes decorating with blue easy. You can use it in small doses or paint your walls completely.

electric blue shelf and wall with various vases and pots on top

No matter what shade you’re looking at, let us be part of your blue interior design! With furniture options in various shades including sofas and recliners, Belleze is the best source to help you in decorating with blue.


Electric Blue

Bright and vibrant, Electric Blue lives up to its name. Similar to teal, we would suggest using this hue more sparingly. This edgier, modern color can truly elevate any space if used correctly. For the more daring interior design enthusiast, electric blue really does grab your attention in the best ways possible.

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