Valentine’s Day Home Styling

Posted by Vivian AN

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day of 2021 is about to come.

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has been brought us too many difficulties and boredom, making good changes is an urgent subject for a lot of families. This Valentine’s Day could be a right start to make excitements through renovating your interiors, creating memories by giving the sweet home a brand-new look with your loved ones and embracing the upcoming spring together.

So read ahead to find out what we pick up to style the interior in a loving vibe.


Home Entertainment Center

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers, but a day for those we care about so much. It is the day we share our love, and it is also the opportunity to let those know how we appreciate their love.

Wouldn’t be great to spend hours with your family at the Home Entertainment Center?

From IG: boldandgolddecor
Image from Instagram User Boldandgolddecor

A TV console is a place to hold your television, other entertaining supplies like DVDs, video games, or more. It’s an essential part of your home cinema with a good balance of storage. In front, there should always be a cozy couch with a warm blanket of your winter retreat. Don’t forget our Ravenna Square Ottoman featured 4 wheels underneath, which is easy to move everywhere at home, and your feet to put upon for extra comforts.

From IG: boldandgolddecor
Image from Instagram User Boldandgolddecor

Take a bookshelf aside by couch will lead you to make a tiny gallery of frames, plants, a globe, or decorations. – All together, it will turn into space you and your loved ones chatting late and watching movies.


Go with Shapes

An ergonomic design of Aubree Dining Chairs provides extra-comforts, positioning alongside the dining table is just perfect for Valentine’s Day dinner between you and your partner(s). Lovely tableware will pop out brightly above this chic grey.

From IG: jcuccionilli
Image from Instagram User jcuccionilli

Or you might want to try putting a couch by the dining table to make some refreshments? Sounds weird? Trust me, Georgetown Bench Loveseat Sofa won’t make it wrong. It is uniquely designed with a long velvet back, giving a modern look that is a perfect fit-in for 2 people sitting next to each other having dinner.

From IG: blissfulhomedecor
Image from Instagram User Blissfulhpmedecor

When finishing your meal, take a Cara seat beside the fireplace in the living room and have some tea. A fluffy rug is not only bringing warmth to your feet this winter, but it also adds another layout over the floor to space that looks even bigger. Keep in mind, flowers and small decorations can enlighten the tea table.


From IG: cony.maradiaga
Image from Instagram User Cony.maradiaga

Personal Spot

Design with an open concept, Chelsea Vanity Table is holding the contemporary thought of home furniture functions. Featured with a glossy surface and golden metal leg, this desk is the solution to style a home office – a canvas you can pursue creativities. It performs more than an office desk just like breaking its category limit. In the end, it serves your storage of skincare, makeup, journals, etc after you passing a long day outside.

From IG: mylatina_home
Image from Instagram User Mylatina_home


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